St. Norbert College Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols.

St. Norbert College has been recognized nationally as a college that has maintained in person classes due to their dedication to following CDC recommendations.

The Green Bay Film Festival requests that if you decide to participate in our In Person Experience, that you respect and follow SNC Protocal.


A mask must be worn at all times.  Upon arrival from getting out of your car to your return to your car, SNC requires a mask to be worn.

Please respect others, maintain social distancing at all times.  You will see signs, arrows, directing traffic to locations to help you maintain proper social distancing.

There are hand sanitizers located in the SNC facility for your use.  Use these and wash your hands.

There is a reduced amount of furnishings in the Lobby.  You may keep family units together, otherwise please respect others when seating yourself.


Please allow everyone a superior 2021 season experience!

NOTE:  We are required to eject anyone who refuses to follow SNC Protocols. Should there be any fights or uncontrolled situations,  police will be called and the GBFF will be discontinued at that moment, and everyone will be required to leave the premises.