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The Drifting Post


Since the Great Tohoku (East Japan) Earthquake deprived Sonomi of her best friend Kyoko, she has lived without accepting the friend’s death.One day, a time capsule is found; It contains letters they wrote to each other to be read in the future.With the discovery, never-fading beautiful memories come back. At the same time, an irreparable mistake that Sonomi cannot regret enough comes back as well.Agonizing over the past, she learns about the Drifting Post, a mailbox that receives letters containing undelivered messages and pent-up feelings to those deceased in the earthquake.

A Woman's Right To Shoes


Alice is happily married, the only thing out of sorts is that she has one foot bigger than the other. After placing an ad, she finds an opposite foot partner, Hayley, and they start a rather uneasy shoe shopping friendship.
One day Alice comes home to find that her husband is in fact leaving her for her opposite foot double. To add insult to injury, Hayley has taken back all the other shoes she bought, leaving Alice with only one shoe of each pair.
So begins her demise into madness, and our film begins.

Cowboys And Indians


Cowboys and Indians is a classic tale of a little boy called Jimmy, who with his friends love to dress up as cowboys and Indians and seek many different adventures, sharing stories and becoming different characters through their own imagination. Abruptly one day, two very lazy work men decide to disrupt their fun and games but not for long before they decide to get their revenge.

A Valkyrie's Tale


A Norse myth, animated and retold by the 2017-18 fourth grade classes at Crestwood Elementary school (Madison WI), using block-print characters on hand-drawn construction paper backgrounds. The students wrote the script, drew the storyboards, did the animation, and acted out all the voice parts in art class, while the fifth grade classes composed and performed the score across the hall in the music room.



Marisa feels that she is taking a backseat role in her own life. With nothing in the pipeline, no job or future, she puts herself to one side to focus on supporting her best friend, Mina, who’s inconsolable after breaking up with her boyfriend, Salvador. Marisa is lost in a jungle of other people’s drama while postponing hers. She wakens from this lethargy after an unexpected event completely overturns all her ideas and she wanders through the streets of Madrid, until she is forced to face what is worrying her.