Walter Theatre

315 Third St.
De Pere, WI 54115
United States

The Alligator Hunter


After losing his wife in a traumatic attack, an elderly hunter seeks revenge on the culprit: a massive albino alligator. Months of waiting for the creature to resurface turns his grief into a desperate obsession. However, when the hunter finally has the chance to kill the alligator and obtain catharsis, he feels an unexpected bond. In the monster’s eyes, he sees his wife looking back. Reunited with his love, the hunter decides to leave the safety of his boat and swim with the alligator.



A bickering couple, Thomas and Natalie, are stranded on a deserted, country lane, in a car that has run out of fuel. After deciding to try and find a garage, they become lost and disoriented, and eventually happen upon a creepy looking scarecrow. The scarecrow has an ominous sign around its neck which reads - "˜Do Not Touch" and, although Thomas is nervous and cautious, Natalie becomes intrigued by its apparent mysticism. Seduced by its beguiling power, she is prepared to ignore the stark warning with chilling results; as they both ultimately succumb to its malevolent will.

Safe Haven


When a volcanic ash cloud engulfs the city 12 year old zoran finds himself trapped at home with his elderly neighbor. But this ash cloud is like no other - it carries a virulent contagion which transforms those exposed into feral, black-oozing monstrosities.With the outside world fast descending into chaos and his neighbor beginning to succumb to the virus, zoran will soon discover that when the ash desends there are no safe havens.