The next two upcoming events for 2022

Both 7pm at The Tarlton Theater

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The Drawer Boy

Thursday, October 20, 2022. “The Drawer Boy”

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Join us for the Thirteenth Anniversary Season Event of the Green Bay International Film Festival.

The Green Bay International Film Festival now takes place over the course of a year with 5 distinct curated events showcased at our new festival home, The Tarlton Theatre, in the heart of downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The 2023 festival season will utilize an exciting new format.

Events will be on

February 11th: Romantic Adventure

Films that ‘couple’ romance and adventure (pun intended). Think ‘Romancing the Stone;’ chemistry, action, faraway places, fantastic scenarios, all with a tilt towards finding and keeping love.

April 15th: Playing with Sound

Sounds, music, silence. Let’s play with sound or the lack of it. The film may be about music. Perhaps it may play with sound experimentally.

June 10th:  With Pride

LGBTQIA+ focused films for pride month.

August 12th:  Wisconsin's Own

the only requirement here is WISCONSIN.  Films about Wisconsin, shot in Wisconsin, or made by filmmakers from WISCONSIN. 

October 14th:  Good Old Fashioned Scares

Horror, thriller, zombies, vampires, spooky forests and jump scares.

Each Saturday's Film Event will have its own distinct film theme paired with a unique event to support it. Saturday will include a matinee with films eligible for our Audience Choice Award. The evening event will feature our award winning film with filmmaker.  We will include “talkbacks” between our filmmakers and audiences and bring in specialists from various fields for particularly hot topics.