The Root Of Happiness


Although the pursuit of happiness has been a topic of discussion since the Declaration of Independence, the suggestion that everyone should feel happy all the time seems to be emerging as a new phenomenon in pop-culture. Movies, books, and music lyrics all send messages that say, “You deserve to be happy.” But, research shows that chasing happiness may actually make you feel worse.
-Ziyad Marar, The Happiness Paradox

The Confidence


Vasya, a diffident young man, asks his smart friend Jenya to help him impress a cute girl Vika who is Vasya’s dream woman. Jenya offers Vasya to protect Vika from a fictional abduction with abductors being Jenya’s friends. Our friends couldn’t even imagine that alongside their fictional abduction 2 real criminals with nicknames Mathematik and Tychok want to abduct Vika in real time. Vasya’s confidence in dangerous and complicated situation will allow him not only to beat the criminals, but also win Vika’s attention.