Distinguished Feelings


ELENA and ARTURO are a couple fully in love until one day, one of their friends sow seeds of doubts in their minds. Philippe reveals to Elena that Arturo is tired of their relationship. He no longer loves her but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. But all is fair in love and war! ELENA will organize their break up herself. Hurt, she hired a young "straight" actor, BASTIEN, to seduce her ex-lover and make him suffer. Elena believes she will be less humiliated if Arturo would accept his "gay predilection" and fell in love with a men, instead of a woman.

Easy Does It


Two small-town buddies and their accidental hostage careen across the 1970s Southwest on a treasure hunt turned crime spree. Easy Does It is a freewheeling road adventure about unlikely friendships and the giddy futility of chasing the American dream.

The Decadent and Depraved


Starting as a student 'fun' project to being considered as Western Australia’s largest independent feature film, 
“The Decadent and Depraved” is set in the late 1880s in a remote 
and dark place in the outback of Western Australia telling 
the story of Leon Murphy who leaves his wife and child 
in a bid to ensure their safety. He is a wanted man but plans to 
surrender himself into the hands of Her Majesty’s army to be hanged. 
Unbeknownst to Leon, shortly after his departure his 

Cowboys And Indians


Cowboys and Indians is a classic tale of a little boy called Jimmy, who with his friends love to dress up as cowboys and Indians and seek many different adventures, sharing stories and becoming different characters through their own imagination. Abruptly one day, two very lazy work men decide to disrupt their fun and games but not for long before they decide to get their revenge.



In a lush tropical forest, a wacky firebird is pursued by a hermit with an intense hunting habit. Constantly thwarted by the bird’s uncanny connection to the cycles of the sun, the hermit comes to realize that his blissful adversary may be more powerful than it appears.