What Will You Do Now, John?


John likes routine, so when he comes back home one day to find his wife gone, he is very worried. He’s not sure why she’s left, but the more pressing issue is the possible disruption that her disappearance could cause to his routine.

He pretends that she still lives with him. At the supermarket, he buys meals for two. At work, he puts up her pictures at his desk. Over a few months, he builds a routine around the illusion that he still has a wife at home. He settles into this new life.



The nervous, naughty fish is called Moslem. He is resting on the see weed board when a luminous ring drops down and wakes him up. He gets angry and roars toward the ring. The luminosity of the ring catches his eye and he decides to get it. He makes a huge effort for this purpose and faces lot's of difficulties. Then the ring is stuck on the body surface of a giant under water creature called Masmoom. Masmoom is slept. Moslem mistakes it with a large stone and continues his effort to pull out the ring from the surface.

Leo The Lion


The plot of the cartoon Leo the Lion is a children's animated cartoon about the travels and adventures of a naughty team of friends: Leo the lion cub, Syoma the leopard and Pandochka the bear Panda cub.

The cartoons tell about the discoveries of brave travelers, about their friendship and mutual assistance, about the respect for nature.

The release date of the first episode is April 2021.
The duration of one episode is 6 minutes.