Vs Santa

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March 3, 2019 - 12:00pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Elena Gobernado
Barreira Arte&diseño
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September, 2017


Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Radio City Spain Prime The Animation Spain Quirino Spain Festival Internacional de Cine de Bayamón Spain Festival de Málaga Spain

On Christmas Eve, a lone girl waits expectantly in a huge apartment. At last her visitor, Santa Claus, arrives to carry out the yearly gift-giving tradition. However, the gift that the girl wants is not the gift that Santa has brought.


Aitor Herrero

Aitor Herrero Specializing in drawing as applied to animation, Herrero has worked as art director, storyboarder, and concept artist on various audiovisual productions, for national and international studios. He directed the short films Max & Lux from Hampa Studio and Soaked Heart from Sonora Studios. He co-directed the short film Katakroken with Jaime Maestro, and was art director of the short El vendedor de humo, the Goya winner for Best Animated Short Film, 2013. He combines teaching work at Barreira A+D with freelance work, highlights of which are the storyboards and character design for the film Pos eso from Conflictivos Productions, and storyboards for the film Memorias de un hombre in pijama, directed by Paco Roca. 

Raúl Colomer

Raúl Colomer 15 days after graduating in Fine Arts, Colomer started working as a graphic designer and composer on the animated series World Ahoy for Valencian production company Terra a la Vista. At the same time, he took several Master's degrees in 3D and VFX. He alternated the series with different films and TV movies as a graphic designer and post-production technical assistant. He has been involved in the making of many short films and animated projects, including Ex-Libris (Goya nominated, 2011), Blue & Malone (Goya nominated, 2012) Vendedor de humo (Goya winner, 2012) Vecinos, El ladrón de caras, Gea, Katakroken, Oa, Vs. Santa , and an informational documentary made at CERN for American planetariums, called Phantom of the Univese. Colomer currently directs the Animation Department of Barreira A+D, and at the same time collaborates with Leo Sanchez studio on The Windshield Wiper, from award-winning director Alberto Mielgo.