Self Defense

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March 2, 2019 - 8:15pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Val Bodurtha
Benjamin Levine
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August, 2018

Two sisters stuck in the woods with a flat tire must find a way to defend themselves from two men who approach them with nefarious intentions.


Zach Bradley

Zach Bradley was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in 1994 to parents Matthew, and Kathleen Bradley. Zach attended the University of Chicago, where he studied Psychology and human behavior. His passion for film developed late in his educational career as he began acting in a handful of student film projects with Fire Escape Films. 

In 2017, Zach was presented with the opportunity to direct and star in a web series written by Ariella Carmell, entitled Sex Ed. Upon completion of the 5 episode project, Zach elected to partner up with Ariella and Producer, Ben Levine, to adapt the project into a feature film following high praise and reception of the series. 

Zach has kept himself busy by continuing to both direct and act in projects ranging from shorts to features all throughout the midwest. His official film directorial debut, Self Defense, is currently being submitted to festivals worldwide.