March 2, 2019 - 4:00pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Janis Marx
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February, 2018

In search of her father's murderer, Nina meets the aged ex-cop Rainer. Soon, the young loner and the failed family man fill a gap in each other's lives. But Rainer withholds details about his shared past with Nina's father and Nina must discover if he can be trusted. As Nina digs deeper into Rainer's secrets, she finds him to be a broken and disillusioned man, who resigned from the force due to the corruption within his own ranks. Nina ultimately decides to clean up their past alone and in doing so ventures into mortal danger. Meanwhile the once withdrawn Rainer finally breaks out from his shell, having gotten a chance to correct his past mistakes.


Marc Göbel

Marc Göbel was born 1989 in Germany. After graduating high school he completed various internships and worked inter alia as assistant in editing for Armin Riegel. 
In 2010 he met Enkelejd Lluca, who shot a full-length feature film for his university degree and started helping as an assistant on set. 'Frankfurt Coincidences' was later to win the Hessian Film Prize and the Munich Film Festival Audience Award. After experiencing working on set, he made the decision to actively pursue his dream of making a feature film. 
In the summer of 2010 he started his studies 'Motion Pictures' at the University of Darmstadt. In various exercises and short films he was able to expand his skills, both in leading positions and technical roles. His next experience with feature films came in the summer of 2012 during an internship at Til Schweiger's 'Kokowääh2'. 
The valuable set experience later helped him to set up his own team to realise his screenplay 'NINA'. What began as a university project was far from finished with the Bachelor of Arts. 'NINA' evolved to a feature length movie and turned out to be a special challenge for Marc in post-production. Since 2015, he has been attending the master's program 'Leadership in the Creative Industries' while almost single-handedly finishing the post-production of ‘NINA’.

Director Statement

Fulfilling my dream to create a feature film, I set out with some fellow students to start an ambitious project in length and content, unique among our university's other projects. The last path of multiple post-production processes had to be mostly fought alone but came finally to an fulfilling end in January 2018. Inspired by old detective films that I loved and inducing a classic but modern inclusive plot about a girl-against-the-world, I tell a story about responsibility and guilt and how no battles can be fought alone.