March 2, 2019 - 11:00am
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Jeremy Routledge
Steve Gear
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June, 2018

If you are a young person experiencing mental ill health and homelessness, life is far from a walk in the park. This film explores the connections between mental health and homelessness, challenging common misrepresentations in the media. Using the medium of the spoken word, the film questions whether we can ever view issues such as these in an objective way.


Rolf Klein

Rolf, a first-time filmmaker, has experienced mental health issues and homelessness and wants to draw on these and use film to challenge our understanding of both. I was inspired to use the medium of film in creating my first film as it enables the use of moving imagery, words and sound to convey an important message. With that I was inspired to make this particular film in order tochallenge common misconceptions, creatively give voice to the represented minority groups - mental ill health and homelessness - in societies and hopefully further aid social changes in societies. This will hopefully resonate with anyone who cares about other people, and who can recognise their importance and the state of their well-being, as well as the need for social change and a positive change in people's attitudes in many societies in this day and age.