The Last Celebration

Virtual Performance Dates: 
Thursday, July 15, 2021 to Sunday, August 15, 2021
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Adrian Ramos
José Manuel Mercado
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Date Completed: 
February, 2020


Festival internacional de cine de Castilla y La Mancha Toledo, Cuenca, Torrijos October 1, 2020 Castilla y la Mancha Premiere Biblioteca solidaria Prize • Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival September 17, 2020 World premiere Best student film nomination • Festival internacional de cine de Santa Cruz FENAVID Santa Cruz October 9, 2020 Latinoamerican premiere Best student film nomination • FIDEMA Festival internacional de las emociones de Argentina Córdoba September 5, 2020 Arg premiere Best international shortfilm nomination Argentina • Festival internacional de cine con medios alternativos México December 1, 2020 Ciudad de México Premiere Best student film nomination • FFTG Awards New York December 5, 2020 USA Premiere Best shortfilm United States • Short of the year Madrid November 1, 2020 dISTRIBUTION PRIZE Spain • Paris film festival Paris December 1, 2020 2nd World Place • 3rd Meihodo International Youth Visual Festival Meihodo December 23, 2020 Asian Premiere Honorable mention • Athens Monthly art international film festival Athens January 1, 2021 Honorable mention • Buenos Aires international film festival Buenos Aires January 1, 2021 Finalist Argentina • Grizzdance international film festival Detroit February 8, 2021 hONORABLE MENTION United States • Mithiwood film festival Mumbai January 31, 2021 Semifinalist India • Kosice International Monthly film festival Kosice February 1, 2021 Slovakia premiere Best experimental film Slovakia • Abbey international film festival London March 3, 2021 Honorable mention United Kingdom • Onyko film awards March 4, 2021 Ukranian premiere Honorable mention Ukraine • Prague International Monthly film festival Prague March 16, 2021 Czech republic Premiere Finalist Czech Republic • Varese international film festival Varese March 1, 2021 Best supporting actress- Best soundtrack Italy • Beyond time film festival Toronto April 1, 2021 Best shortfilm Canada • WorldFest Houston Houston April 22, 2021 Texas premiere Remi Award United States • John hopkins film festival Baltimore April 19, 2021 Honorable mention United States

The patron Saint Festivities is the most important celebration of the year.
Esther knows it and has a great hope to attend. Esteban, her husband thinks the opposite.
The situation of the past involve a debate in this elderly couple to attend the celebration that can relive their relationship for the last time.


Adrian Ramos

Cretino Films