Haunted State: Whispers of History Past

March 7, 2020 - 2:45pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
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October, 2014

Join us, as we bring back one of our successful Wisconsin Directors with his film series Haunted State.

Come along for a journey investigating Wisconsin's most famous historic buildings and the paranormal folklore inside. Is history alive? Are ghosts real? Does scientific equipment exist that allow us to communicate with "ghosts"? Wisconsin Folklore and paranormal evidence is unearthed in this historical and investigative feature-length documentary about Wisconsin, that took 30 months to film. Locations include: The Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Stone Cellar in Appleton, as well as locations in Wisconsin Rapids and Merrill.

 A full discussion about filming the Paranormal and film successes following this first film will follow this screening.


Michael Brown

Michael attended the University of Milwaukee for film studies and is the founder and executive producer for Hungry Lion Productions, a film production company based in Milwaukee & Appleton Wisconsin.

Michael’s film career began with the documentary Haunted State: Whispers from History Past (2014). Filmed over 30 months, the production investigates paranormal activity at four Wisconsin locations.

His second film Roller Life (2016) is about the Brewcity Bruisers, a full contact, all-female roller derby league in Milwaukee. The film follows eight athletes, providing a first-hand look inside their lives on and off the track, and uncovers the dangers and misconceptions of the sport. Roller Life was an official selection for eight film festivals including the Milwaukee Film Festival & the Hollywood International Film Festival. It was also featured six times on national television (on various TV networks).

Michael's third film is a follow up to his first film. Haunted State: Theatre of Shadows (2017) is a film that explorers four theatres across Wisconsin with rich history that are experiencing paranormal folklore.

All three films are streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

Because of the regional popularity of the Haunted State films, Michael expanded the Haunted State franchise into an 8-part documentary series that is premiering in 70 countries on Amazon Prime Video. The Haunted State (2020, Season One) series visits six Door County Wisconsin locations, two in Green Bay, and one in Appleton. The documentary series looks into history of the locations, the paranormal investigation into those locations, and the science behind paranormal investigating with the help of world-renowned parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach (as seen on Oprah, Late Night with David Lettermen and The View).  Finally, the show humanizes the fact we all will lose people that we love and questions if our loved ones ever really leave us.

There will also be a spinoff of Haunted State outside of the story-line for the documentary series.  The new series will feature the live public paranormal investigation events and will also stream across the globe on Amazon Prime Video. For more information, visit HauntedState.com

Michael is currently in pre-production for his next documentary series, which is about data rights. The documentary series will cover many controversial issues such as YouTube radicalization, smartphone location tracking, social media propaganda, weaponizing personal data, and how those practices, without a national data bill of rights, can undermine our democracy.