Forget Me Not

In-Person Event Date

February 27, 2021 - 1:45pm
Virtual Performance Dates: 
Saturday, February 27, 2021 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Angela Godfrey
Nicholas Goulden
Angela Godfrey
Nicholas Goulden
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Date Completed: 
August, 2019


Foyle Film Festival Derry - Londonderry November 23, 2019 World Premiere Light In Motion Awards - International Best Film Nominee / Finalist United Kingdom British Independent Film Festival London June 18, 2020 Best Film United Kingdom Winner Jury Prize/Special Award Zero Plus International Film Festival, 2020

A silent little girl is on a desperate mission, but the only person who can see her is a forlorn homeless man, as lost and invisible as she is. Armed with only her teddy bear, Isobel must do everything in her power to convince him to help her.

Starring JAMES COSMO Winner of Scottish BAFTA awards for Best Actor (Game of Thrones, Braveheart, Highlander, Trainspotting), JOHN HEFFERNAN (Official Secrets, Brexit: The Uncivil War, The Crown, Eye in the Sky) and introduces Yorkshire born RUBY ROYLE.

Forget Me Not offers a tender, complex and compassionate exploration of the power and nature of hope, encompassing themes of homelessness, peace and the importance of helping others.

Forget Me Not was crowdfunded on Kickstarter by over 170 people.

***** “An unforgettable, heartwarming story” "and boy, its title isn’t wrong." - CRITICAL POPCORN

"A moving film that will fill you with tears of joy." - CANDID MAGAZINE

***** "With a devastatingly moving story, high production values, and a glorious message of compassion, Nicholas Goulden's #shortfilm Forget Me Not is a moving and somewhat magical journey of connection in the modern age." - UK FILM REVIEW

"There’s such a quiet grace in the way the story is told, with few words spoken. Yet it packs an emotional punch and the scene at the end got me all teared up" - FLIX CHATTER


Nicholas Goulden

Driven by his curiosity for the human condition, British born writer and director Nicholas Goulden is interested in psychological narratives that challenge our perceptions of who we are.

Growing up in the Berkshire Downs, his early film influences ranged from Sam Peckinpah’s Cross Of Iron to Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord Of The Rings and Roland Joffé’s The Mission. He knew he wanted to tell stories with a similar power and impact but had no initial conception that making films himself was a possibility.

Despite no connections in the industry, in his mid 20’s he moved to London to find a way in. Working on every project going in any role he could get, for over a decade Nicholas made his way up the Assistant Director ranks, writing and making his own material in his spare time.

It was during his running career he made many of the connections that helped make Forget Me Not a reality, including James Cosmo and Angela Godfrey, whom he married shortly before filming.