February 13, 2020 - 8:00pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
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September, 2018

A wild ride of adventure through the air, across rugged landscapes, on and under the water, through a secret underworld, and across time itself to explore and decipher ancient clues of archaeology, paleontology, geology, and biology of the Driftless Region, with its captivating scenic beauty


Jonas Stenstrom

Born and raised in Sweden, where he also lives most of the year, Jonas is one of the co-founders of Untamed Science. As well as an on-camera host, Jonas is a one of the main producers and works to spread the name of the Untamed Science movement internationally. Jonas passion for science and adventure has been with him since early age and has taken him to many corners of the world. Jonas began his scientific career in marine biology earning a Bachelor of Science from James Cook University, Australia, and later continued to earn a Masters Degree from University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Jonas always tries to see things from a positive angle and loves taking on new challenges to always learn new things. While traveling, he started documenting the world through still photographs, which soon turned into documentary filmmaking. Nowadays using the camera as a working tool, his life mission and dedication is to attempt to create a better understanding of the natural world we live in by inspirational and eye-opening story-telling.

Jonas has worked as a teacher on all levels and ages, both in the classroom, at science centers and in the field. He has taught scuba diving and marine biology in several parts of the world.

Jonas has always loved outdoor adventures and sports. The main activities on his agenda at the moment involve rock climbing, scuba diving (instructor), skydiving, hang gliding, mountain biking, skiing, wakeboarding, and combining several of these in multi-sport adventure racing.

Since 2003, Jonas has been an integral part of establishing and coordinating educational efforts through what is now Untamed Science. He was one of the producers of the BioAdventure Video Series for Pearson Publishing and as well as an on camera host and biology spokesman.

Jonas on TV-Jonas has been featured as on-camera science expert on the NatGeo WILD show “World’s Weirdest” and on the show “How Do They Do It?” on Discovery and Science Channel.