March 7, 2020 - 10:00am
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Dr. Kate Vergara
Dr. Kate Vergara
Theresa Jarka
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October, 2019

Set against the vibrant and colorful backdrop of developing West African countries, Circle of Defense (COD) is a short format documentary about the ongoing fight to eradicate polio and other preventable, life-threatening diseases and how that health infrastructure should be maintained to task shift to other infectious outbreaks, such as Ebola. Polio and Ebola-survivors in the film drive home this urgent need.


Theresa Jarka

Theresa Nicholson Jarka is a photographer and screenwriter living in Glen Ellyn, IL. She graduated from the University of Madison, Wisconsin with a BFA in Photography and Film. Theresa wrote sketch reviews for stage at Second City in Chicago -- where she was the head writer for a review production. She has since written scripts for children's television, and a feature film for Three's A Company in Australia. The script was delivered in early 2018. Theresa is also an editorial photographer and videographer whose work can be found on her website: