February 13, 2020 - 8:00pm
Q and A with Filmmaker following the film session:
Paul Hertel
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March, 2019

Grab a mug and park your can. In the heart of Packerland, it's brews and B.S. with Pat Rowland at Calumet Brewing. Ein prosit!

Giving us a taste of the town’s rather unique flavor, Pat has the stories, the brew, and the booming laugh all rolled into one. Rough around the edges and telling it like it is, he’s both full of life and full of it, as the hard-working craft creator, fisherman, entrepreneur, and wild game chef that he is.

​With a brand originating from Wisconsin pioneer days, Calumet Brewing Co. was rebooted in 1990 by Bob Rowland before microbreweries were everywhere. Under Pat’s crass yet lovable leadership, both the brewery and family bar continue a Packerland tradition.


Sarah Josephs Yapelli

Sarah Josephs Yapelli specializes in visual branding, creative convergence and content development.  Through her Torso Entertainment banner she has been creating images, films and music since 1997.  Currently, she connects actors, writers and filmmakers through her Black Apple Talent and recently launched Gnome 7 to “grow and harvest films.”