Russian Federation



"Bastards who tied two people in a time of blooming youth, full of life and love, went much further in a sophisticated cruelty. With their shoulder surgery, they ripped the tenderness out of their hearts. And if people died because of physical torture, and some repented in their renunciation, and could live on, then our torture took away from us the very concept of life in life. We're just breathing corpses…»

The Confidence


Vasya, a diffident young man, asks his smart friend Jenya to help him impress a cute girl Vika who is Vasya’s dream woman. Jenya offers Vasya to protect Vika from a fictional abduction with abductors being Jenya’s friends. Our friends couldn’t even imagine that alongside their fictional abduction 2 real criminals with nicknames Mathematik and Tychok want to abduct Vika in real time. Vasya’s confidence in dangerous and complicated situation will allow him not only to beat the criminals, but also win Vika’s attention.