Wisconsin's Own

Session Location: 
Walter Theatre
Session Time: 
Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 16:00

Wisconsin's Own Films. Enjoy Local!

4:00:37  Becoming Geppetto................1:09:00
5:09:37  The Beevangelist....................0:05:44
5:15:21  Wisconsin Party and Protest...0:05:47
5:21:08  Pandemic in the Heartland......0:20:20
5:41:28  Sorry we're closed...................0:07:35 
5:49:03  Cousin Fuzzy & His Cousins...0:09:08

Becoming Geppetto


Becoming Geppetto explores the life and craftsmanship of master luthiers Bruce, and son Matt, Petros, accompanied by performances with solo guitarists. The film consists of three elements; 1) the biographies of Bruce and Matt, 2) scenes of guitar construction accompanied with design and structural commentary and, 3) musical performances by the musicians.

Cousin Fuzzy & His Cousins


In the late 1940's and early 1950's polka was the music dominating the airwaves both on radio and the newest technology at the time: television. One of the first live television programs in Green Bay, Wisconsin's history was a polka variety show featuring the group Cousin Fuzzy and his Cousins. One of the last surviving members of the band is Agnes Benz, aka "Cousin Aggie." She was interviewed in 2011 as the beginning of a large documentary on Cousin Fuzzy.

Sorry, We're Closed


"Sorry, We're Closed" follows a girl who begrudgingly takes a Saturday shift at an antique store. Just when the shop is about to close, an elderly man arrives and dawdles. We connect with her frustrations as she tries to drive the elderly man out in order to lock up. However, no one can ever truly know what goes on in another persons life-- from the man, the shop worker discovers the unexpected.