Short Documentaries

Session Location: 
Webb Theatre
Session Time: 
Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 12:30



For four years, the Jicarilla Apache Nation's Johnson O'Malley program, led by Lynn Roanhorse, and Holt Hamilton Films have joined forces to encourage, motivate and empower Jicarilla Apache youth by providing hands on learning and mentorship in the filmmaking process. Follow this exciting journey as Native American youth show the world that they can do great things when EMPOWERED.

Tuba Ted: The Man And The Music


Ted Goeden is a spritely octogenerian with over 70 years under his belt as a professional tuba player. He's an engaging story teller and has had an interesting life full of adventure and meaningful interactions including playing in numerous polka and dixieland bands, serving on a Navy aircraft carrier during the Korean war, performing in large parades in NY, owning several businesses and never missing the opportunity to help others. This is his story.