Mixed Bag Shorts

Session Location: 
Walter Theatre
Session Time: 
Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 13:30

The Demon


Detective Bose had spent sleepless nights working on a serial killing case, but in vain. One morning he is summoned to a desolate countryside station to look into the claims of a man, who seems to have witnessed the murder of his baby daughter. Soon realization of his neglected responsibilities as a father start to dawn upon Bose as he finds himself vulnerable to possible threats at his newborn daughter as she too fits the profile of a potential victim of the serial killer.

The Root Of Happiness


Although the pursuit of happiness has been a topic of discussion since the Declaration of Independence, the suggestion that everyone should feel happy all the time seems to be emerging as a new phenomenon in pop-culture. Movies, books, and music lyrics all send messages that say, “You deserve to be happy.” But, research shows that chasing happiness may actually make you feel worse.
-Ziyad Marar, The Happiness Paradox



An actor is in love with an actress... but she has a boyfriend. The actor asks The Filmmaker to create a scene in which he can experience an emotional and physical connection with the actress. But as the scene plays over and over The Filmmaker becomes more and more jealous of their on-screen relationship.