Horror Short Flicks

Session Location: 
Webb Theatre
Session Time: 
Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 19:00



To solve a perplexing case, a headstrong detective must crack the trick of a very proud magician. The detective interrogates the magician about the lady that went missing after he made her disappear in the magic show. The magician cannot reveal his trick. Was it just a trick? Or is there more to it?



Aged and alone, Harold Evans sees creatures in the corners of his apartment "trying to push their way into our realm." Are these the paranoid fantasies of a decaying mind or is there something dark waiting in the...Corners?

Hide And Seek


Would you dare face your true self? Yifei, a university student who struggles with his identity and longs to ‘find himself’, picks up an abandoned USB. Curious, he plugs it into his laptop to find two images: one which says ‘HIDE’, the other shows a disturbing image. This triggers a curiosity where throughout his day he begins to see a numbered countdown. Will he find himself? Be careful what you wish for.

Film Tag Line: Want to find yourself? Be careful what you wish for.

Room 566


Scott Gamble waits anxiously in the Emergency Room to hear the status of his little sister. After overhearing the nursing staff whispering about the superstitions surrounding Room 566, where his sister is to be placed overnight, he must get her out of the room before it’s too late.

The Ascent


TRAVIS HOWLAND is a sophomore at his top-tier college, pledging one of the most exclusive fraternities on campus. He and his friend CALEB attend the last night of hell week, a final round of intense hazing led by frat stars MIKE, NATE, and BRIAN, the president of Kappa Chi.