Film Green Bay

Introduction and history

Film Green Bay was founded in July of 2010 by a group of community leaders responding to the growing interest in the art of film in our community. The number of local filmmakers – and thus the number of people interested in education about filmmaking – has grown dramatically. The Green Bay International Film Society shows several foreign films each season to sold-­‐out audiences.  Local filmmakers have scheduled screenings of their films at local theaters, libraries and museums.

The founding committee of FGB saw a need for coordination of activities to take advantage of this growing interest. Initial goals included providing educational activities to encourage growth of appreciation for film; workshops and information for filmmakers; coordinating a database of resources for filmmakers, and providing opportunities for film screenings.

The first Green Bay Film Festival was held February 25-­‐27, 2011, in downtown Green Bay. Producing a film festival as the first formal activity of FGB allowed the group to accomplish several of the founding goals as well as drawing attention to the organization’s efforts.


The mission of Film Green Bay is to provide a rich cultural experience & educational opportunities for our community and visitors while promoting Green Bay as a hub for filmmaking and film appreciation.

Green Bay Film Festival

The Green Bay Film Festival is the flagship activity of Film Green Bay. The event includes:

  • Screenings of dozens of independent films juried by film experts for their quality, cultural and educational value
  • Workshops and seminars for filmmakers on screenwriting, producing, and other topics

Opportunities for filmmakers to interact and network.

Other Film Green Bay activities

Film Green Bay is exploring activities which would advance our cultural, educational and service mission.  Our short-­‐term goals include:

  • Establishing a resource list, including vendors, educational opportunities, and funding opportunities for filmmakers wishing to make films in northeastern Wisconsin
  • Workshops and educational activities for filmmakers
  • Collaboration with other local organizations (including the Green Bay International Film Society and the Northeastern Wisconsin Arts Council) on film screenings and educational activities for the public
  • Establishing connections with other film organizations in Wisconsin

In future years, we hope to grow by providing:

  • A Green Bay Film Festival which grows to become a showpiece cultural event in our community
  • Educational activities for the public, including family-­‐friendly film screenings and activities
  • Programs for both filmmakers and the public, to provide access to resources and to promote film appreciation

Board of Directors

Nic Wautier, Chair

Elliot Christenson, V.Chair

Cyndee Sweetland, Secretary

Sue Garrity, Treasurer

Caitlin Schuchart, Festival Director