GBFF 2015

The Green Bay Film Festival will be held on March 6-8, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.

Director’s Message

We’re very excited to Celebrate the Green Bay Film Festival’s 5th Year! As we grow you’re blessed with extrodinary volunteers who spend their free hours all year to create this festival of independent films. I hope you enjoy a little taste of the variety of talents these filmmakers have! When you see our volunteers and guest artist don’t forget to give them your heartfelt thanks for all their work!

Film Green Bay’s Board of Directors continues to build on the flagship event of the film festival. We hope you check our website for upcoming independent films and classes in the film industry. We’re working to connect with those interested in working in film and those businesses who would like to work with filmmakers who need their services.

We’d like to be a part of strengthing the film industry here in our community. Here’s an economic picture from the Motion Picture Association of America:

The motion picture and television industry is responsible for 7,555 direct jobs and $206.3 million in wages in Wisconsin, including both production and distribution-related jobs. Nearly 1,200 of the jobs are production-related. Just next door, Michigan reports 14,285 direct jobs and $485.3 million in wages, including both production and distribution-related jobs. Nearly 4,700 of the jobs there are production-related.

It wouldn’t take much to network our talents, build business relationships to strengthen the resources of this business. Why not cultivate an industry that can grow our economy?

Think about this, together we can grow jobs and our economy while at the same time enjoying the art we call film. I hope you have fun at the fest and please feel free to join us year round! You can contact us through our website or email me directly at I’d be happy to chat with you about getting involved!

Cyndee Sweetland
Green Bay Film Festival Director