GBFF 2015

The Green Bay Film Festival will be held on March 6-8, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center.

Director’s Message

Five years, who would have thought? Seems we’ve just gotten started. I recently read that only 4.6% of film festivals make it to year 5. So lets celebrate!

This year we’ve seen an amazing increase of festival submissions (by 25%). We’re not alone; the number of Independent films being made is increasing with the accessibility of technology. In fact 2015 was Sundance’s first year without any 35 mm feature films! The change of cinema and how films are made has made a big impact on how we view movies today. We’ve included “The Grand Dis-illusion” as part of our opening presentation to start the conversation about the change in cinema in our lives.

The current days of cinema depicted in The Grand Dis-illusion may be in the past here in the United States. The news is now at our fingertips. The timeline between seeing a Hollywood film at the movie theatre and streaming it into our homes within hours of its release are now an added threat to the movie theaters. Video rental shops are diminishing and the latest releases can be rented in a little red box on the street or online. Is the film experience lost and the effort of its’ creation underappreciated?

Film Festivals may be the answer to the old world ways of cinema. Once the cinema was a place to see the latest in arts & culture. Newsreels were shown as well as cartoons with the latest feature. Premieres offered interaction with filmmakers and actors. Sound familiar?

Instead of a newsreel, Independent Filmmakers are creating films that can be thought of as a barometer of social values. Some offer current insights into history, social issues and human nature in our world today. Others also create animation and films that bring lighthearted fun and laughter. Filmmakers & Actors attend to discuss their efforts, challenges and insights in creating their film.   They share the latest trends in filmmaking and screenwriting in our seminars.

We are thrilled to have you here because that’s what makes film exciting: personal interaction, involvement and appreciation for our filmmaker’s efforts. Films are made to be communal, to be shared among total strangers, in a dark room lit only by the screen, where every thrill and emotional beat is felt by an audience linked by proximity.



Cyndee Sweetland, Festival Director
Green Bay Film Festival