The Green Bay Film Festival is an event presented by Film Green Bay, a 501(c)(3) corporation, which opened its first film festival in 2011.  Celebrating it’s 5th year, the Festival presents a variety of experiences in one location.  Showing many genre’s of films, this festival also includes talk backs, seminars, awards and parties, all in typical Midwest fashion. You are our guest extraordinaire!

Filmmakers have the opportunity to make their names and films known to a community thirsty for talent with a thriving knowledgeable film base.

As one filmmaker said last year, “Green Bay is the perfect place to host a film festival. The talent is real and everyone’s doors are open.” We couldn’t agree more.

See you there!

ORGANIZERS ( are volunteers! )  THANK YOU!
Festival Director: Cyndee Sweetland

Technical Director: Stasia Lenhart

Production: Greg James- Sights & Sounds, Inc,   NorthCoast Productions

Video Marketing:  Alex Zacarias

Marketing:  Michelle Danforth (Marketing Director), Jessica Diederich

Social Media Specialist: Melinda Roberts

Sponsorship: Kathy Kanikula

Volunteers: Tim Morris (Coordinator), Scott Savage

Screening Organizers: Nancy & Ken Loehlein, Tobin Rockey

Tickets: Sherrill Revolinski (Organizer)

Special Programs: Jay Schillinger (Seminars & Boot Camp);  Michelle Danforth (NAF series)

College & High School Programs: Renee Gasch, Linda Doro, Ken Loehlein

Future Filmmaker Festival Event Coordinator:  Alex Zacarias

Program: Maribeth Conard, Conard Creative Group

Graphic Artists:

Festival Interns & Helpers:  You can help!  Contact us!

Additional Thanks to all volunteers!